5 Effective Employee Award Ideas For Recognizing Success

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Employee recognition is an important component of a motivated workforce. Feeling valued is typically a top motivator of employee engagement, according to our study. Employees who feel they will be acknowledged if they contribute to the organization’s success are 3 times more likely to be highly engaged than employees who disagree. Employees are more likely to be engaged if they feel valued for the work they accomplish. Unfortunately, one area where businesses continue to fail their employees is employee appreciation. Award plaques are an excellent method to express gratitude or to celebrate remarkable accomplishments.

1. Those Birthdays Should Be Honored

Sending e-wishes isn’t going to cut it. Simply make your staff feel special on their special day. A Happy Birthday song and cake will brighten their day. You may even arrange a lunch for the entire staff or offer the employee a floating day off. Birthdays are sometimes associated with presents. So why not give something your employees would appreciate. Special days, such as wedding anniversaries and career anniversaries, can also be recognised.

2. Allowing room for peer recognition at work can help to promote good peer connections

Employees who are recognised by their peers have a distinct worth. Peers, in many circumstances, are more aware of their colleagues’ work than their supervisors. A strong peer-to-peer recognition programme fosters a happy and healthy work environment. This may be accomplished by conducting surveys and rewarding the employee with the highest number of votes.

3. For the Day’s Ambassador / Leader Assignment

Invite workers to speak on behalf of their team or department at an elevated meeting that they would otherwise avoid. They can then advise their team members on the report. Making them a boss for a day is also an exciting alternative that will not only energise them but will also teach them about the challenges that come with being at the top and in control.

4. Welcoming and Appreciation Gift

The acceptance gift is a lesser-known yet significant employee recognition motivator. Giving your staff business cards, for example, is a basic and straightforward activity that will go a far way in inspiring them. Staff that engage with customers and clients are often given business cards, but many employees who are not at the front-end may benefit from having one as well. Business cards are typically seen as a symbol of social status and may be helpful while networking. With this modest gift of acceptance, the employees will feel like they’ve been promoted to the big leagues. Also check out this video editor.

5. Exceptional service award

One or two team members are usually the ones who arrive early, leave late, take on extra duties without complaint, and give their best to every project. This honour goes to someone who goes above and beyond their obligations. They’re probably very involved, and you want to reward them for their dedication to the firm so that they stay that way and stay with you. Employees quit their employment for a variety of reasons, the third of which is a lack of appreciation. Show your staff how engaged and self-driven workers act, and they’ll undoubtedly follow in their tracks. Custom engraved award plaques are best suited for every individual contributing the work.


Employee appreciation might be given in the form of increased security. Allow workers to receive cash bonuses that go straight into their retirement, flexible savings, or emergency fund accounts. Other ways do not include award plaques, however it subtly conveys your view of the employer-employee relationship as a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership. It demonstrates that if they remain around and work hard, you will look after them in the same way that they look after your company’s objectives.


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