Effect Of COVID-19 2020 Lockdown On Long-Term Health

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COVID-19 2020 Lockdown

What made you want to research the health effects of foreclosure?

The COVID-19 pandemic and the social distancing that followed, including some people’s complete isolation, has caused a significant shift in people’s access to healthcare and daily lifestyles. This change happened exceptionally quickly.

Research collaboration was concerned that health behaviors might have changed dramatically as a result. For example, people may drink more alcohol or not eat such a nutritionally balanced diet.

We were aware of some emerging evidence that people may have become less physically active. But there may also have been some positive health behavior change. Maybe people were more motivated to quit smoking, for example, or responded to accessing online exercise classes.

We felt it was essential to understand how people’s health behaviors change in response to social lockdown. The easiest way to do that is to ask people to give detailed feedback on their behavior.

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Why Do You Think It’s Important To Monitor People’s Health During A Lockdown?

It is truly an unprecedented situation for our generation. Not since World War II have British residents placed such restrictions on daily life. The changes happened so fast that no one was ready to stop and think about the long-term impact of those changes, beyond. Of course, the apparent positive impact of helping slow the spread of COVID. -19.

Still, we believe that changes in people’s health behaviors and well-being can be quite profound. And even small changes can have long-term health implications. For example, smoking, eating a low diet, and being physically inactive are all health behaviors that are directly related to cancer risk later in life.

Understanding how much health behaviors have changed can help us understand what the long-term implications might be.

In the short term, if we identify worrying trends in health behavior or significant changes in individuals. We hope to report the findings to inform policy changes quickly. Perhaps by increasing support at the local level or targeting information or support to particularly vulnerable people.

How Should People Preserve their Physical And Mental Health During The COVID-19 Lockdown?

One of the potential positive effects of social lockdown is that there have been relatively rapid changes in the availability of online and remote support options. For example, the NHS Smoking Cessation Service offers remote appointments to help people trying to quit smoking.

What Results Do You Hope To See From The Survey And How Could These Results Be Used To Help People?

This study is unique in monitoring health behaviors daily at this unique moment in time, given the context of the radical social changes that have occurred. The daily monitoring approach will allow us to understand how individuals change their behavior over time and how others react differently.

Will Some People’s Health Suffer More From The Lockdown Than Others?

It will likely be the case. For our most vulnerable populations, those with long-term health problems, those who are not financially stable, or those without secure housing; for example, there are concerns that health and well-being outcomes are worse.

When you don’t have your own home or a family to take care of, social isolation is a very different experience than social isolation from a dry and hot home. Having the means to buy nutritious food and being able to afford it—work from home.

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