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Whether you’re 25 or 65, taking care of your skin is something you’ll never regret, and you can never start too early. When you’re young, it’s preventative; as you age, it’s the war against time and wrinkles. And the importance in finding products that can help you in that battle cannot be understated.

However, not all skincare products are created equal. Many are loaded with chemicals that enhance scent but actually damage the skin. Sometimes attractive packaging is your worst enemy. But one product that isn’t out there to fool you? Chebula-based extreme cream. This product, derived from natural fruits, herbs, and essences, takes skincare to the next level with scientifically-proven results that put most moisturizers and anti-aging products to shame. How does it work? It’s all in the Chebula. Let’s dive in.

Ayurvedic Herbs

Ayurvedic Herbs

Chebula is the latest medicinal Eastern food product that’s being used for skincare. Specifically, it falls into the category of Ayurvedic medicine, a holistic, all-natural approach to healing systems developed thousands of years ago in India. Ayurvedic medicine engages the mind, body, spirit, and the elements to create a balance and connectedness in one’s life that promotes overall good health. Ayurvedic medicine won’t necessarily cure specific diseases or symptoms, and it’s not really a reactionary approach to health. Rather, to choose Ayurvedic medicine is to choose a preventative route. If you’re engaging with Ayurvedic herbs, you’re getting ahead of the game – and staying there. Sounds good, right? And when it comes to Ayurvedic medicine, Chebula is a star player.

So What is Chebula?

Chebula is a berry that originated in South Asian countries like Nepal, India, and Tibet. It has several names that you may have already heard of (terminalia chebula, myrobalan, birhara, and more), but its nickname is the one that perhaps tells us the most: ‘King of Medicine.’ Chebula gained popularity thousands of years ago as part of a super-trio of ingestible natural medicines that are referred to as a group called Triphala. Triphala, which consists of Chebula and two other fruits, has lnumerous purposes that contribute to one’s overall health (largely focusing on gut health, specifically). But outside of this super-trio, Chebula is an antioxidant-loaded fruit that has its own recently-discovered topical uses. Naturally, skincare is one.

Chebula and Anti-Aging

Thanks to its extreme levels of antioxidants, Chebula is an anti-aging superstar. Some even claim that it’s one of the most powerful topical antioxidants in the world of skincare. This makes extreme cream a key protector against aging skin. When it comes to this battle, you’re really fighting something called “free radicals.” Without getting too scientific, free radicals come from outside aggressors like pollution and smoke. They’re essentially molecules with a little something off, and thus, they need to cling to other healthier compounds found in the body to increase their own stability. In your skin, they try to cling to your collagen, and if they successfully do so, they can speed up skin aging by causing wrinkles, discoloration, brown spots, and more. This is where extreme cream’s Chebula comes in to save the day. As a powerful antioxidant, Chebula is able to neutralize the free radicals by giving them what they need so they don’t turn to your collagen stores. In this way, it protects you from the typical signs of aging in skin, enabling upkeep of your skin elasticity and helping you maintain that glowing, youthful look.

Chebula, Extreme Cream, and Hydration

Studies have shown that Chebula not only protects your skin’s moisture, it actually increases it. The antioxidants that prevent apparent aging in the skin also work to moisturize, creating a positive rejuvenating effect. And in extreme cream, Chebula has other teammates that help out, like Acerola Cherry, Calendula Oil, and Wild Pansy Extract. This combination has been proven to soothe and hydrate the skin instantly, improving moisture levels in a capacity few other antioxidants can achieve. 100% of users who have tested extreme cream reported improved moisture in the skin, with a 97% increase after just one month of regular use. Again, that’s why Chebula is considered the king.

Chebula’s anti-aging and hydrating qualities make it the perfect star ingredient in extreme cream. The result is soft, glowing skin that will remain moisturized and youthful, exceeding your own expectations of how your skin will look as you age. And while Chebula is relatively new to the skincare scene, only graduating to topical use fairly recently, it’s clear that it’s here to stay.

In conclusion, extreme cream provides many various advantages. They benefit by making your skin smooth, and these creams are manufactured to avoid wrinkles. The cream also moisturizes your skin and makes it look healthier. And at last, your skin looks even younger.


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