9 Unhealthy and Destructive Eating Habits

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Destructive Eating Habits

Weight gain or obesity is one of the most common problems these days. No matter where you go, you will always find multiple people have such an issue. There is no specific reason for being overweight, there are multiple factors and habits, not just excessive eating which puts a strain on your health. There could be any medical issue, any genetic disorder or a habit that completely alters your metabolism. You might be staying up late and munching, or you might not be having breakfast at all, or might be skipping meals or munching non-stop. While doing the damage, you won’t even realize what you might be doing to yourself.

Here are a few common unhealthy habits that you must acknowledge before they become too destructive for you. There is a fix for everything and you should find one as well!

Nighttime Noshing

The worst time to eat food is at night since you should be completing your sleep at that time. Also, if you wish to lose weight, then you must avoid eating food at night. Researches have revealed that the body is not habitual of accepting food at later hours of the day and the food breakdown slows down at night so nighttime noshing should be avoided as much as possible. It is not always about what you eat but how and when you eat. People who have a habit of eating at night regularly, tend to gain more weight.

Endless Snacking

Snacking is one of the worst habits that causes an immense increase in weight. The round-the-clock snacking is very harmful as mostly high-calorie foods are being consumed which are rich in unnecessary carbs. The endless snacking is not only an issue for adults only, kids are following the same steps. The constant intake of junk foods, drinks, candies, chips and sodas are not good for health.

Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals throughout the day. There is no meal with this much importance but when you wake up in the morning, you have so much on the plate that you tend to skip the most useful thing of the day. When you skip breakfast or any other meal, your metabolism slows down but if you take breakfast, you will gain a rapid energy boost which will keep you full for the day. It is like fuel to your body and you already know what happens when you miss out on fuel. People who skip breakfast tend to gain more weight than those who eat it regularly.

Snacking with Screens

Snacking while being glued to the screens is another worst habit that is mostly affecting kids and teens. Be it a movie or a video game, you end up eating more than you generally should. People get a sort of addiction to watching or playing something while they eat or vice versa.

This is destroying the eating habits of the people. Rather than being glued to video games and snacking, people should focus on other activities or skills. Many websites offer interactive games, enhancement in skillset, personal growth, online lottery or live gaming updates to place bets. One such amazing website is Lottoland which might keep you busy in using your brains so you might forget about munching and focus on how you can win against the odds and utilize your time in making some good cash.  You can always try your luck and check out the splendid deals and jackpots!

Mindless Eating

According to the food psychologist and a PhD namely Brian Wansink from Cornell University, the size of the plate or a bowl has a huge impact on your mind. The bigger the plate will be, the more you will consume unknowingly. The urge to finish the plate and keep it clean is so strong that you end up consuming more food than required. If the same amount of food would be given on a smaller plate, you will be full even before you reach the finishing point.

Emotional Eating

If you have had a bad day or an extraordinary day, you head to the fridge and gulp in whatever you feel like. Emotional eating is a true factor and people who come across different emotions whether positive or negative, tend to feel the urge to eat. Emotions play a great role when it comes to your eating habits and developing a food obsession. It makes the person eat more than they should which results in weight gain.

Eating Very Fast

People who gulp huge amounts of food in less time tend to gain weight rapidly. Wolfing down the meal is never a good idea whether you are having a snack time or having a meal, it should always have a gap of a few intervals. The brain and stomach have a delay of about 15 to 20 minutes for catching up after you start eating. If you finish your food in less than 10 min, then the brain will not get the signals of being full and you will end up consuming more food than required.

Not Enough Sleep

Less sleep or disturbed patterns of sleep will cause you the same amount of trouble as the increased input of junk food. Disturbance in sleep patterns will not only ruin your metabolism but will also keep you fatigued throughout the day. Adults must have at least 5 to 7 hours of sleep to function properly which people tend to avoid despite knowing it.


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