Ease The Covid-triggered Emotional Turmoil With These Tricks

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Covid-triggered Emotional Turmoil

The impact of the pandemic has been far-reaching. Beyond the physical risk of the infection, it has triggered emotional turmoil for many. The constant fear of falling prey to the virus or losing a loved one is hard enough to deal with. Apprehensions related to the economic downturn, job loss, and pay cuts are also taking a toll on mental health. Work from home stress, social isolation, and loneliness make the situation even worse. With so much working against your mental well-being, it becomes imperative to have a strategy to handle the emotional turmoil. Here are some tricks you can rely on.

Limit your social media time

Even as social media has been the savior throughout the pandemic, it is probably time to take a break now. More than a year of being hooked gives you a good reason to get a digital detox and find other ways to connect with friends and family. With the vaccine rollouts being in full swing, you may soon get the opportunity to step out and visit them. Consider meeting them in person while following the pandemic safety guidelines. It will give you respite from digital connections and restore sanity amid the growing isolation.

Don’t shy away from asking for support

If you think that you are the only one facing the Covid-triggered anxiety, you aren’t. Millions of Americans are going through the emotionally challenging phase, so there is nothing wrong with reaching out and asking for support. Bottling up may sound easy, but it can lead you to depression even before you realize it. Your friends and loved ones will be more than willing to help, whether you want physical, financial, or emotional support. You may even consider seeking professional help from a therapist if the stress seems too hard to handle.

Indulge in activities that calm your mind

When it comes to dealing with stress and turmoil, indulging in activities that calm your mind can help. Meditation and deep breathing work for most people, but you can try cannabis as a wellness aid. Several research studies have validated its efficacy for treating stress and anxiety, so you need not think twice from the safety perspective. Vaping and dabbing are the ideal methods of consumption because they work fast and offer sustainable benefits. Invest in a quality product and a discounted High Five DUO from Mind Vapes to get started with this wellness aid. The best thing about High Five Duo is that it is a dual-purpose rig that works for both flowers and concentrates. You also get the precision temperature control feature, which makes it easy to control the outcome.

Create new routines

Retaining your sanity amid the crisis can be a tad easier if you learn to adapt and embrace the new normal. Be open to creating new routines because the future is unpredictable, and you never know how things will pan out. Things may get back to usual if vaccine drives work, or you may have to stay at home if new strains and repeat waves pose a challenge. The key to emotional sanity lies in taking a flexible approach with your daily schedules.

Apart from following these tricks, focus on self-care and lend a hand to those who need your support. It may be the toughest time you have seen, but hang on because it will not last forever.

Author Bio: Rebecca Brown has been formerly consulting patients suffering from anxiety disorders. Her ideology about overall wellbeing propels her concern for balancing mental and physical health.


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