How To Prevent And Treat 5 Common Sports Injuries

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Sports Injuries

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or a top athlete, no one is safe from a sports injury. Sprains, tendonitis, knee injuries, stress fractures, and strains are the primary injuries.

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Sports Injury 1: Sprain

What Is A Sprain?

A sprain is a common sports injury. It is a ligament injury. Ligaments are found in all of our joints, connecting one bone to another bone to protect and support them. We can divide the sprain into three grades;

Grade 1 = Stretching a ligament

Grade 2 = Partial tear of a ligament

And Grade 3 = The complete tear of a ligament

How To Prevent A Sprain?

To avoid a sprained ankle, we recommend that you first wear shoes suitable for the sport you are practicing. Also, consider giving yourself at least fifteen minutes before your workout to warm up your body. A poorly healed sprain or an affected body part that is wrongly changed can represent a risk factor for future injuries. Instability can then remain and lead to a recurrence of a sprain. It is, therefore, important not to neglect its treatment.

How is sprain treated?

The physiotherapist can help you consider the importance of rehabilitation in the treatment of this type of injury. At the start of treatment, the physiotherapist’s role will be to work on mobilizing your joint. It will also help you hold pain and edema. Then it will integrate balance and strength exercise specific to your ankle and injury.

The physiotherapist will also accompany you in return to your activities through specific exercises for your sport. He will work out a treatment plan for you to gradually integrate your mark and avoid any recurrence.

Sports Injury 2: Tendinopathy

What Is Tendinopathy?

A tendon is a band of fibrous, elastic tissue in a sheath aimed at connecting muscles to bones. Tendinitis is the recent inflammation of the tendon. The term tendinopathy is used for any tendon injury that lasts over time.

Among the most common tendonitis are those related to the shoulders, elbows (“tennis elbow or epicondylitis”), heel (“Achilles tendon”), knee, and wrist.

How To Prevent Tendinopathy?

To avoid tendinopathy, just like a sprain, it is essential to warm-up well before physical exertion. Also, during your sports performance, bet on the quality of your movements. If in doubt, we recommend that you call a kinesiologist to make sure you perform the exercises correctly and avoid the risk of injury.

The practice of a sport requiring too much training volume and too much intensity can also cause tendinopathy. You must, therefore, know how to moderate your efforts and gradually increase their frequency and intensity. Following a professionally advised training plan is critical!

How Is Tendinopathy Treated?

A consultation with a physiotherapist will allow you to learn how to put the optimal amount of stress on your tendon and rehabilitate the painful movements to heal. You can also benefit from a program of specific stretching and strengthening exercises.

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