How To Choose Your Wedding Dress?

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As we begin to see images of the next wedding dress collections, it will soon be time for next year brides to consider their wedding dress fittings. Searching for the perfect dress is one of the most exciting parts of your wedding preparations, some suggestions to help you choose the right wedding dress.

Make The First Spotting

Get the first idea. On the internet, blogs, Pinterest, look at reports and photos of collections of different brands, and ask yourself what you like and whatnot. Are you more attracted by flowing lines, a high waist, lace, volume, a low neck line in the back…? Create a Pinterest board dedicated to finding your dress (it can be a secret if you don’t want every person to have access to it) and pin what you like, let all those ideas rest, and come back to it with a relaxed head. Days later to remove what ultimately pleases you less than the rest. These pics will give you a better suggestion of ​​what you like about wedding dresses.

A Dress According To The Style Of Your Wedding

A Dress According To The Style Of Your Wedding

Tailor your dress to the style of your wedding. How will your day be? You have probably already chosen the place, the colors of your wedding. These elements will influence the choice of your dress. Fluid and light dress will be more suitable for a wedding on the beach or in the country than a more ornate, sophisticated, or more voluminous skirt that will be better suited for a wedding in a beautiful Parisian hotel.

Set Your Budget

Before making an appointment and starting your fittings, clearly define your budget. Whether you are paying for your dress or a gift from your parents, set the maximum account for this purchase. To avoid any misunderstanding, but also any disappointment. It would be a shame to fall for a dress well beyond your means and to have to choose out of spite a dress that you would like less. There are beautiful dresses for all budgets, from a few hundred to several thousand euros, you are sure to find the dress made for you.

Do Not Delay Too Much

If it is pointless to do it too far ahead of time, at the risk of changing your mind about her dress along the way, be careful not to do it too late on the contrary. Allow around 7 to 9 months, for example, for a tailor-made dress to be made by a designer. Be careful; some houses are stormed for appointments and sometimes have several weeks before they can welcome you. So, for summer weddings, start your fittings in early fall.

Top Fittings

Look your best on the day of the fitting. Come with your hair and make-up lightly (to avoid staining the dresses when passing them). Your wedding dress is a unique outfit. If you try on your dress with a small mine, and the hair is sad, the result will immediately be less exceptional. On the underwear side, plan for nude, seamless pieces and a strapless bra; again, this will help you feel better in your dress, and bring a pair of shoes with a heel height of almost similar to that planned D-Day.

Keep An Open Mind

You have pinned the images of the dresses you liked, defined a favorite shape, an ideal line; it’s perfect! But don’t be closed to other styles of dresses that could look amazing on you. You may have fallen in love with the paper for bohemian dresses, low waists with lace, while ultimately, the empire waist and tulle will suit your figure better.

Surround Yourself With The Right People

Be accompanied by your closest friends. Choose 1 or 2 people you trust, who know you, and who understand your desires. Fitting in the company of four girlfriends, each with different tastes and opinions, may not help. So plan this moment in a small group, with people who can be honest, patient, and enthusiastic. Please note, with the restrictions and security measures linked to Covid, it is sometimes impossible to come accompanied, or only with one person. Ask when making your appointment.

Some houses refuse to have photos taken during fittings. You can always try sneaking pictures, but it’s true that sneaky pictures, often with cell phones, won’t be the most flattering and won’t do you justice. It’s not uncommon to see a bride-to-be choosing her dress, going home, looking at the photos, and having doubts, changing her mind. All because of a photo was taken on the fly, askew, through the curtain of a dimly lit cabin. If you are not allowed to take a picture, take stock of the models tried at the end of your fitting by annotating your catalog and by detailing the points that you like or not. You can review all of this later at a relaxed pace.

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