What Causes Skin Lumps & How To Remove Them?

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Skin Lumps

Skin bumps have become a common issue these days. Although they are harmless, they can result in skin disorder, allergic reaction, infection, and skin cancer. If you are suffering from a skin bump, you must be aware of the related causes and ways to rectify the same. In most cases, different skin bumps look the same but have differing reasons. Most of these do not require any medication. However, it would help if you got in touch with your doctor if the bump causes discomfort. The concerned individual will help you out with the recommended prescription that will help in relieving the problem soon.

Causes of skin bump

One of the typical causes of skin bumps is acne. You may find them on the shoulders, face, upper back, and chest. They need to break out if the skin has whitehead, blackhead, painful cyst, and pimples. It will leave behind scars and skin darkening if left untreated. Another reason for skin bump is cold sore. A painful, red blister that appears in the lips and near the mouth is nothing but a cold sore. Following this, calluses and corns are a significant cause of skin bumps. These are painful and have a horn-like appearance which leads to hardened tissue. You will locate these on the side and top of your toes and feet soles. It happens because of pressure and friction. Lastly, there are skin tags that lead to skin bumps. These tags are harmless and do not cause any irritation. However, uneven skin growth often leads to skin bumps. In most cases, they are of the same color and result because of friction. You will find this on breasts, armpits, neck eyelids, and stomach.

Treatments that can cure raised skin bump

The available treatment for the raised skin bump has a lot to do with the underlying cause. The most common cause of skin bumps is skin tags. Although they look harmless, they need rectification as fast as possible. If the skin bump is bothering you, you have to get in touch with your doctor as early as possible. The dermatologist will help in removing the skin tag or the wart by different techniques. A surgical procedure is also available for removing skin bumps like lipomas and cysts. The lipoma removal surgery is effective in this case.

In some cases, your physician may specify your medication. It will help in eliminating the skin bump. For treating bacterial infection, you require antibiotics. For viral infection, you may have to go for over-the-counter medicine and stick to home treatment. Hence, the problem is correctable, provided you take immediate steps.

The problem requires long-term treatment. In case the infection is the cause of the issue, medical attention will be adequate. It will help in easing the symptoms and improve the overall outlook. However, you will have to make frequent follow-ups necessary to ensure you get good skin back. You can consult a specialist to know the reasons behind skin issues to correct it beforehand.


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