5 Exciting Careers in the Beauty and Wellness Industry

According to Forbes, the beauty industry’s market value crossed $500 billion in the U.S. alone in 2019. The industry had a challenge due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, beauty and wellness retail sales plummeted in 2020, declining by 15 percent and affecting revenues globally. However, a recent Mckinsey report reveals that beauty and wellness brands are bouncing back after the pandemic, signaling an increase in the demand for beauty and wellness professionals. Therefore, you’re in for a good ride if you have aspirations to venture into the industry. Here are five exciting careers in the beauty and wellness industry.

1. Nail Technician

Nail technicians are also known as manicurists or pedicurists. They provide various nail treatments working from a salon, spa, or nail studio. Some nail technicians work privately, serving clients from their homes. The demand for experienced nail technicians has spiked in recent years, reflecting the increasing popularity of nail art content on social media.

This profession combines beauty and wellness in various ways. Apart from treating natural nails, nail technicians can add acrylic and gel coverings. Other services demanded from nail technicians include hand and foot moisturizing, dead skin removal, foot rubs, and massage. They use various accessories, from tiny jewels for nail decoration to nail polish for coloring.

2. Nurse

Nursing is a notoriously demanding but rewarding job. Nurses work closely with physicians to support patient recovery and health. Their tasks are roughly divided into support, control, maintenance, and documentation. They also perform minor medical procedures, such as giving injections and IVs. Nurses are often the first point of contact between patients and doctors, relatives and doctors, or relatives and patients.

They mediate and advise before, between, and after treatments. As you can see, their responsibility is huge, which means the right skills are needed to carry out such tasks. Obtaining a degree in nursing is vital. This online nursing from the University of Indianapolis is your best bet if you fancy a career working as a nurse in assisted living communities and other health facilities.

3. Cosmetologist

Cosmetology is an age-old profession, existing as far back as pre-civilization times. But studies show that the discipline became professional in 1930 when many institutions began mainstreaming it into their academic schedules. Today, cosmetologists require rigorous hours of academic work to practice the profession.

Beyond the certificates, they may need licenses from approved institutions due to the health-critical nature of the job. It’s tempting to confuse cosmetologists for hair stylists or nail technicians. But the field is broad, encompassing various beauty and wellness areas. Cosmetologists study the art and science of transforming different body parts with little to no side effects.

They can work directly with clients, perform treatments, or work as consultants for beauty brands because of their in-depth knowledge of beauty and wellness.

4. Makeup Artist

Becoming a makeup artist can be a great way to perform beauty routines without going through the rigor of cosmetology training. You can take up a cosmetology course and specialize in makeup. Most makeup artists are self-taught, learning from Youtube videos and self-learning means. Others take apprenticeship courses with practicing makeup artists, learning from their experiences.

5. Beauty and Wellness Influencer

Influencer marketing is a growing phenomenon, working magic for many beauty and wellness brands. Today’s consumers lean toward influencer-generated content more than brand posts. Studies show that companies earn over six dollars in ROI for every dollar spent on influencers. This has spiked the demand for influencers, with companies willing to commit nearly 40 percent of their marketing budgets to influencers, as revealed by a recent survey. A beauty influencer can be an exciting career if you’re a fan of beauty and wellness trends and love creating content online.

All in all, entering the beauty and wellness industry can be excitingly challenging. Connect with mentors to help you choose the best career for you.