Canada Cannabis Industry: Expect Some Relaxation in Rules in 2021

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Canada was the second country after Uruguay that gave “green rush” a “go-ahead” sign. While marijuana legalization is a head-turning topic throughout the US, it is yet to make a move at the federal level. However, let’s not forget that the country, too, had its set of complexities in the legalization process, to begin with.

But in December last years, Health Canada proposed a survey to find out how Canadians think about cannabis in the following areas:

  • Cannabis selling
  • Cannabis labeling
  • Cannabis research

Industry experts feel that this feedback might prompt the regulatory authorities to change the rules around the packaging or possession of infused drinks. The consultation is a good head start before the federal legislative framework for legal marijuana in Canada that will begin on Oct 17, 2021.

What is Health Canada Trying to Gain From This Survey?

Right now, producers need to display THC and CBD content on packaging. They are not legally bound to provide facts about other cannabinoids or terpenes. So, the body is trying to gain some insights into whether consumers require more information to choose the right products.

For instance, if you talk about the contents of the wine bottle, they include a paragraph of information about the kind of flavor or high you must expect. In the same way, when it comes to cannabis products, the manufacturers must not claim or promise any medical benefits.

But they must not shy away from talking about the attributes of the product. For example, if they are producing banana cookies strain, they must talk about the quality of the product and what they should expect after consuming the product. In this case, it should be like providing data around its effects like relaxation, focus, mood, and other attributes.

What else?

The experts suggest that this survey will allow Health Canada to change the equivalency rates concerning possession. As per the current rule, any individual can carry around 30 grams of cannabis but only 2.1 liters of cannabis beverages. Thus, limiting the number of products per purchase.

Another thing that Health Canada wishes to consult the general public is the involvement of humans in the non-therapeutic research. This will help them find the following:

  • Who should be allowed to take part in such events?
  • What are the types of cannabis or dosages allowed?
  • How to report the circumstances of adverse reactions?

Health Canada is also looking to gather information regarding whether the license holders can produce their test kits for cannabis production or selling. The whole idea behind this approach is to create a framework that’s beneficial to all.

Final Takeaways

Industry experts think that Health Canada will stick mostly to reducing the adverse effects concerning cannabis policies. They aim at ensuring public safety. Moreover, all these changes might give them enough to discuss the Cannabis Act as well. Who knows there might be some changes on the cannabis advertisements front as well?

All of this information will help the regulatory authorities to follow a path that is favorable for everyone. Isn’t that what we all hope for?


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