8 Surprising Benefits of Oil Massage

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8 Surprising Benefits of Oil Massage

Aromatherapy is a form of therapy that uses essential oils as part of the massage process. The massage can vary between pressures that are gentle as well as harder pressure when using a certain blend of essential oils. These essential oils for massage are diluted prior to use and are then applied during a full body oil massage. The essential oils provide a wealth of benefits when they are applied to the skin but they also offer certain healing properties when they are inhaled. If you are wondering what oil to use for massage then its worth speaking with your therapist but if you are considering an oil massage spa treatment then you will be able to experience the following benefits.

Improved Circulation

When a massage is performed, it means that your muscles and your body are impacted by a different range of movement such as twisting and patting. These different hand movements take place on the skin and so, it stimulates the surface which causes heart and that then massages the nerve and blood vessels under the skin leading to enhanced circulation. So, through having an oil massage, it is possible to help get the blood pumping around the body and that alone can lead to greater benefits such as improving the skin tone, removing toxins and helping your internal organs to work better. Along with all of this, it can also help to improve metabolism too.

Enhanced Flexibility

When your body goes through the process of a massage, precise pressure is applied to your muscles. This helps to tone the muscles through stretching and improving their functioning. Furthermore, when the massage is performed over a longer period of time, it can help to firm up the skin and leave you looking more toned.

Improves Mood and Leaves You Feeling Good

There are pressure points located all over the body such as the soles of your feet and your palms and these are linked to certain organs. Along with this, you will also have 7 reflex centres that are linked to the glands of the neck, reproductive organs, kidneys, liver and head. When you have an oil massage, it can help to release certain hormones that leave you feeling relaxed, stress-free and happier.

Helps Ease Pain

 Whether you have sore muscles or a problem area, an oil massage can help to ease these problems and leave you feeling pain-free. As a massage will affect the muscles and nerves, it will help to ease the pain while the increased blood flow and release of hormones will leave you feeling euphoric which again, can help to ease the feeling of painful or sore muscles.

Removes Dead Skin

With the oil covering your body and then working into your skin and muscles, it will help to rid the body of dead skin cells and dirt. This is particularly true for those areas that suffer from a build-up of dirt such as the knees, the navel or your back. You will notice that your skin looks and feel smoother while the removal of dead skin cells will also leave it looking vibrant and youthful.

Improves Nerves

During the massage, your body is pressed and patted and the muscles are worked. This action and process stimulates the nerves that are located beneath the skin and this helps them to work more effectively. This can then lead to your senses feeling sharper and your mind feeling more focused too.

Keeps You Healthy

Oil massage has a positive impact on your health and wellbeing because of the way in which your body reacts to it. Whether you have your back, your legs or any other part of your body massaged, you will find that you feel healthier and better for it. With increased blood flow, eased muscles and a feeling of relaxation, you are going to feel better in every possible way.

Helps with Sleep

Many people feel that one of the main benefits of oil massage is the way in which it promotes better sleep. When you do have a massage, your entire body is placed into a state of relaxation as well as your mind and muscles. This is a feeling that you don’t just experience during the process but it can leave you in a relaxed state for many hours after and that can help you to sleep better.

When you opt to have an oil massage, you are going to experience something that delivers a whole range of benefits. Whether you are someone looking to ease stress, help with muscle pain or simply leave your skin looking and feeling better, oil massage is a solution that is worth considering. When you can benefit in so many ways, it is definitely something that you should consider and try because once you do, you are certain to go back for a second treatment.


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