Benefits of Having a Pet At Home

Children who grow up with a dog develop greater responsibility and sensitivity to things is a truth that few dare to dispute. The arrival of a pet in a family generates new ties and emotional ties between all its members, especially the smallest of the house, for the rest of their lives. Your job of course is to love, nurther and care for the pet with food and grooming, so choosing an optimal pet store is important.

Even though those in charge of education and the transmission of the central values ​​are parents’ task, caring for a pet teaches children to be clear about their obligations, be more generous, and internalize care and respect to be taken by animals.

Now, deciding to have an animal should be considered and agreed with your loved ones since it requires a great capacity for dedication and time to take care of it. Some added complications such as with whom to leave it on vacation, take it regularly to a veterinarian, take it out and feed him and be aware that the house will get dirtier with his presence.

Therefore, if your children ever ask you to fulfill their dream of having a dog, a cat, or any other pet and you can’t decide, here is a list of benefits of having a pet at home that will make you clear:

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Helps You to Be Happier

That your child dedicates part of his leisure time to play with his pet improves his mood. And makes him feel happier. It is due to the secretion of oxytocin, the love hormone that prevents depression or stress.

Increase Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Families that live with a dog tend to have a more social and outgoing character. It has even been proven that they are a crucial element in psychological therapy for children. The support of an animal is always unconditional. Also, they make people more empathetic and friendly.

They Improve Defenses and Detect Diseases

Being in direct contact with pets causes children to develop a more robust immune system. It also reduces the risk of developing allergies or respiratory problems. The animal’s connection with the outside enhances the production of antibodies against possible viruses.

Thanks to their great olfactory capacity. Dogs can discover if a person has a malignant tumor, have migraines. Or an allergy episode since they recognize these diseases’ smell.

They Help Keep You in Shape

The energy that a dog has, especially those of medium and large size, directly translates into an improvement in their owners’ physical condition. Walking them, taking them for a run, playing with them, or even holding them, can be the best gym for our body.

They Promote Relationships between Siblings

The fact that two or more siblings share a pet from a young age, with its responsibility and care, improves their relationship and strengthens the love bond between them. Only children make a pet the brother they do not have. Reducing their loneliness if they had one and helping them learn to share everything with someone.

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