A Few Things About Using Clear Aligners For Teeth

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Using Clear Aligners For Teeth

Metal braces may be a common memory for you. Today, you have a better alternative to these traditional things, such as clear aligners. These smile correcting tools can solve your many dental and smile problems caused by crowded, overlapping, crooked, or gapped teeth. These can make them straight. It is a gradual and continuous process and quite effective for those who don’t want to experience the discomfort of wearing metal braces for realigning their teeth. However, you will need to follow certain dos and don’ts for oral hygiene purposes when you opt for this treatment. Here is a quick guide on this.

Foods to eat and avoid

You don’t have to feel embarrassed if you have questions about this topic. Many dental patients face the same concern as you. One of the best parts of wearing invisalign clear aligners is that you get many food options compared to the traditional method. Still, some options are good to avoid. These include hard food, sticky food, acidic drinks, etc. When you say hard food, you can consider apples, candies, raw vegetables, etc. You should stay away from chewing gums, jelly beans, caramel, and other such things in chewy items. All these can break the aligners through pressure.

Similarly, you can avoid acidic beverages, such as wine, tea, and coffee. These can stain your dental device, giving your teeth a discolored look. Besides, hot drinks can damage the aligners’ shape, leading to longer recovery from the treatment. In essence, it will be better to control the consumption of these carbonated drinks.

Taking care of Invisalign

You have to keep these clean. So when you brush your teeth, you should soak these trays in warm water with cleaning crystals. Leave them for 20 minutes. If you notice any stain on them, you can use your toothbrush to clean them. Please make sure the aligners are dry when you wear them. Some people make the mistake of using toothpaste on them. But its abrasiveness can leave scratch marks. Doctors also recommend avoiding mouthwash for the harshness. Therefore, you should be careful about this. Another critical thing for your oral hygiene and aligners’ health is avoiding smoking.

When you visit a dentist for this treatment, you get customized solutions. The doctor may measure your upper and lower arches to build aligner trays. They test the fitting, and if everything looks perfect, they guide you about its usage and care. You may have to visit your doctor during a specific time to understand the progress. As for the results, these depend on a patient’s dental condition and requirement. Mostly, it takes one year on average to get the perfect smile.

Your smile and dental health form an essential part of your personality. If you hesitate to show your teeth when talking or laughing, you don’t have to feel embarrassed anymore. You have some easy and innovative solutions for effective results. Hence, it will be best to find out a reputable dental clinic and get this or any suitable treatment to experience the difference.


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