The Acai Bowl: A Maximum Of Vitality For Healthy Breakfast

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Addicted to social networks, followers of healthy eating, you could not escape the healthy trend of the moment: bowls, famous complete dishes elegantly composed of ultra-healthy foods, are everywhere. In the Smoothie Bowl and the Poke Bowl tradition, it is the turn of the very photogenic Açai Bowl to feast our eyes and our taste buds.

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Acai berries, berries with Superpowers

The star fruit of the Acai Bowl, açai, comes from Brazil, where people in the Amazon have cultivated it for several centuries. Acai berries have many benefits, including high omega nine and omega 6, which help lower bad cholesterol levels. This superfood is also packed with antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals like potassium. The consumption of acai berries thus helps fight fatigue and  limit the risk of cardiovascular disease. The Acai Bowl is therefore the ideal recipe for boosting our energy with minimal calories.

The Acai Bowl, The Secret To Recharging Your Batteries

In addition to its nutritional qualities, the Acai Bowl has the advantage of being super easy to prepare and ideal for a balanced breakfast. Just get some frozen or powdered acai berries, and mix them with other equally healthy ingredients. This tasty purple mixture is then served in a bowl, embellished with toppings with energizing virtues. The result is an irresistible composition to be declined ad infinitum according to our desires … As great for feasting on Instagram as it is for boosting us at breakfast or afternoon tea.

The Acai Bowl Recipe

Ingredients For One Bowl

For the base:

  • One banana (cut into frozen slices)
  • One handful of red fruits (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, etc.), fresh or frozen depending on the season
  • Two tablespoons of acai powder
  • One glass of milk (classic milk, almond, soy, oat, rice, or coconut milk)
  • One tablespoon of honey or agave syrup
  • For toppings, let your creativity speak (and let yourself be surprised by the healthy delights of the Gretel Box):
  • A healthy gourmet touch
  • Hazelnuts with three chocolates
  • Crunchy with three chocolates
  • Coconut
  • Granola for maximum energy
  • Organic fruit granola
  • Organic coconut and goji granola
  • Honey and pecan granola
  • A good dose of fruit
  • Dried mango
  • Goji Berry
  • Cranberry
  • Kiwi
  • The mix of exotic fruits
  • Caribbean blend exotic fruits
  • Seeds with superpowers
  • Pumpkin seed
  • Honey squash seeds
  • Power Mix Seed Mix
  • Chia seeds
  • Linseed
  • 100% healthy oilseeds …
  • Cinnamon coconut almonds
  • California almonds and also
  • Hazelnut

Acai Bowl: Preparation Of The Healthy Recipe

  • Blend all the base ingredients in a blender at high speed until you get a perfectly smooth, smooth, and creamy mixture.
  • Pour the preparation into a large bowl.
  • Enhance the mix of toppings of your choice.

Good news, for a maximum of vitality and originality, Team Gretel has unearthed the best superfoods for you from all over the world … Come and discover them quickly, and slip them into your next custom box: you can so add super healthy toppings to your Açai Bowls 🙂

Use your imagination to experiment with different superfood compositions until you find your favorite recipe. One thing is sure: once the Acai Bowl has been tested, you won’t be able to do without it … And also never skip breakfast again!


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