7 Unhealthy Internet Habits and How to Break Them

In and of itself, the internet is not a bad thing. There is a plethora of content, knowledge and information waiting out there to be discovered, consumed and enjoyed by anyone interested. However, no matter how much good the internet has brought to us, it can also cause some serious issues.

Some people can, unfortunately, develop quite unhealthy and sometimes even dangerous habits when using the internet. These habits, even though not directly caused by the internet, are very much made possible thanks to it. Of course, the most important thing is to recognize the problem and start looking for ways to solve it. That being said, here are 7 most common unhealthy internet habits and how to break them.

Spending too much time online

Since the online world is so vast, it’s super easy to find a rabbit hole to go down. Therefore, one of the first unhealthy internet habits we need to mention is spending too much time online. The majority of people use the online world to escape their everyday problems, among other things. That being said, it’s really not surprising that some people become heavily internet dependent. This can negatively affect various aspects of that person’s life. So, if you notice that you or a person you know is exhibiting this type of behavior try to take the necessary step to break this habit. Limiting your screen time and finding interesting offline activities to partake in can be of great help.

Devoting too much attention to social media

As fun as it can be, social media can also be quite toxic. However, due to its interactive nature, people oftentimes get sucked in into the world of endless scrolling, liking, sharing and retweeting. According to research, people spend up to 3 hours a day browsing social media. Now while this may not sound alarming, it’s important to mention that there are also people that spend double that time. Again, this habit can be easily broken by recognizing that there is a problem and looking for ways that will help you end it. For instance, every time you reach for your phone to check Twitter or Instagram, use it to call your grandma instead. By becoming aware of our bad habits, it will become easier to deal with them.

Spending too much time playing online games

Online games can be super engaging and attention grabbing. The whole point of online games is to use them to have some carefree fun online. However, due to their gripping nature, it’s extremely easy to get carried away. We all remember those stories about World of Warcraft players that became addicted when the game first came out. Aside from that type of online games, the world of online casinos is also growing bigger each day. And with gambling addiction being such a huge issue, it’s obvious how this may become a huge problem. Luckily, however, with the help of modern tech, online casinos nowadays have various solutions in place that are designed to recognize and prevent such unhealthy behavior.

Arguing with strangers online

Another unhealthy internet habit many people seem to enjoy is arguing with people over the internet. Chances are you scroll past these types of arguments at least a few times a day. But even though this may seem silly to most of us, some people actually do enjoy taking part in online arguments. However, nothing good ever came out of internet arguments. The only thing it does is create a negative and toxic environment. Oftentimes, those who partake in these types of arguments are left feeling agitated and stressed out over – realistically speaking – irrelevant matters. So, if you do notice that you often check out comments only to see if there’s someone you can start arguing with, stop doing that! Such a habit is definitely toxic and unhealthy, and it shouldn’t be condoned.

Indulging in compulsive online shopping

Believe it or not, shopping can be quite addictive. According to research, shopping addiction is one of the most common addictions, right up there with smoking and alcoholism. Of course, it becomes quite obvious why the internet dos play a huge role in enabling this type of behavior. Aside from addictive shopping, compulsive online shopping is also becoming a growing issue. People who indulge in compulsive shopping usually do it when they’re not happy with themselves. So, instead of falling down this rabbit hole, try to figure out what you’re unhappy with. This way you can shift your focus on improving yourself rather than doing something you’ll quickly end up regretting.

Getting too emotionally connected to influencers

We tend to follow online influencers that we can connect with or relate to in some sense. And various influencers do tend to put a lot of personal information online. That’s why some people can sometimes develop an imaginary relationship with their favorite influencers. This can lead to a plethora of different issues. Of course, needless to say, such behavior is neither healthy nor commendable. So, if you notice that you’re getting too emotionally attached to a certain influencer, take a step back and reassess the situation. Yes, you may feel like you two are friends because you “know so much about them” but the reality is that you’re just one of their numerous followers.

Not being safe

Finally, arguably the worst online habit and behavior unfortunately many people neglect is online safety. This doesn’t only relate to your computer safety and safe browsing practices. It also relates to how much of your personal and private information you willingly put out there. Remember, what gets unloaded to the internet stays on the internet. So, make sure you don’t share anything you’re not comfortable with. This is especially important to highlight when it comes to various dating sites and apps.

These were just some of the unhealthy internet habits. Unfortunately, there are many others that didn’t make this list. In this digital age, it’s extremely important to talk about them so that we can recognize them and act accordingly to try and stop or prevent them from happening.