7 Foods To Avoid for Healthy Teeth

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It’s always important to take care of your teeth, but it can be challenging when you’re unsure what foods are bad for them. Fortunately, a dentist in Blackburn has compiled a list of the seven worst foods that will damage your teeth and gums if consumed regularly. Make sure you avoid these foods at all costs.

1. White bread

Processed carbohydrates are just sugar. Your saliva can break down the complex carbs into glucose. After that, it is immediately used by your body to fuel itself or stored for later use as an energy source if needed. If you are constantly snacking on crackers all day long, this will keep sugars coming out of their mouths rather than helping with digestion as it should.

2. Alcohol

Saliva is like the first line of protection for your mouth. It helps dilute plaque and acids and has anti-bacterial properties that make it suitable to keep around in an emergency. Of course, a little bit won’t hurt you, but anything that dries up those tissues will magnify how bad things are already getting if you have a dry mouth.

3. Ice

If you bite into a piece of ice, it can cause your teeth to break. The coldness could make you more brittle, so that it might be worse for older adults or people with weak teeth. But it will just snap those fragile shards off at once with enough force behind them. That’s why dentists recommend crowns or Invisalign when someone chews down hard enough.

4. Sticky and sour candy

Sour candy is worse than sweet because it has just as much sugar but also includes citric acid. It is hard on your teeth and sticks around longer in the mouth for a sour taste that can be discomforting to eat. And if not cleaned properly with water before leaving residue behind, it could lead you towards plaque build-up over time.

5. Hard drinks

The pH of sports drinks can be more acidic than that of soda, which could cause tooth erosion. Sports drinks are better for athletes in high-energy activities like running or biking. That’s because they have less sugar content to contribute excessive amounts of sweetness while maintaining adequate hydration levels compared with sodas. But please avoid it.

6. Kombucha

Kombucha is a drink that many people enjoy because it’s healthier than the alternatives. However, its pH level may be too low for some individuals. It can lead to dental problems such as cavities if consumed continuously without addressing this issue. Sugar doesn’t provide nutritional value so prefer another ingredient for your taste buds.

7. Lemons

The pH of lime is between 7 and 10, which means it can be harmful to your teeth if you suck on them with the front part of your mouth. In addition, the surface becomes very abrasive and sensitive because there is little enamel protecting those teeth.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to lie about flossing to your dentist, but did you know that sour food is worse than sugary ones? Like this, there can still be more severe consequences for your dental health if left unaddressed. Thus, consider the above mentioned seven items that dentists warn to eat or drink to maintain healthy teeth.


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