5 Fashion Trends for spring in 2020

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At this time of year, you always wonder what the critical pieces of the season are. Here is an overview of 5 spring fashion trends in 2020 that are capturing the attention of the fashion world.

Without having to get all these clothes and accessories, know that you can still update your look by focusing on only one or two trends that you particularly like among these. It’s up to you to see what makes you want. The trends are there to inspire us, make us dare, have fun with fashion without taking ourselves too seriously. Do you like the trend? Perfect! If not, so be it!

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The Baseball Jacket or “Bomber Jacket”

This zippered jacket is ideal for upping your fashionable look this spring. If you want to invest in a new little jacket (which can also double as a light coat), this is the garment to bet on. Pair with urban outfits for a refined look.

Loose Trench Coat

To replace your traditional, more fitted raincoat, opt for a loose cut or bathrobe-inspired trench coat. Navy and soft hues are all the rage, especially powder pink, sky blue, pale gray, white, beige, sand, and cream variations.

Cropped Flared Jeans

These are the favorite model of fashionistas. Would you like to play the knowledgeable fashionistas without having to dip into your budget? Cut a pair of jeans (flared or semi-flared cut) lying around in the back of your drawers: the frayed edges are ultra trendy!


May it be high or flat heels. Be careful if you have a narrow foot. Choose a model that holds well, especially if the heel is high.

The Block Heel

The block heel is making a comeback, and it’s not me or my balance deficit that will complain. Many classic models with relatively low block heels are up to date: to avoid a too strict look, pair them with current and urban clothes and accessories.

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