3 Exercise Routines For Different Lifestyles

Everyone knows that regular exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. But despite knowing that fact, many still struggle to include exercise as part of their daily routine. Many people always find an excuse to miss exercise in their life, like a hectic schedule, too tired over a busy workload, or you simply cannot do it.

There are many benefits that you can reap from exercising regularly. Not only will it enhance you physically, but it can also boost your mental health. Fortunately, you don’t really have to perform intensive workouts for hours or forcing yourself to do an exercise that you hate. Exercising can be a fun activity, depending on how you do it and on how you incorporate it into your lifestyle.

Understandably, each of you has different lifestyles to handle every day. The good news is, there’s actually an exercise routine that can fit different lifestyles. To guide you, here are three exercise routines with their matching lifestyle that’ll help you find out which routine works best for your advantage.

1. Walking Exercises And Weight Lifting Sessions

This exercise routine is suitable for people who just started exercising or the ‘exercise newbies.’ Most people who belong here are not physically active but planning to change this bad habit.

If you’re one of the people in this category, it’s recommended that you don’t jump yourself on a treadmill right away or go straight on the yoga mat and do crunches and push-ups. The more you train your body with intense exercises, the more likely you’ll suffer from muscle sores or injuries.

Instead, start by doing regular walking exercises and match them with some weight training. The good thing about weight lifting machines is that you can do it while you’re in a comfortable sitting position. While lifting weights, you can first focus on one muscle group.

Another recommended tool you can use for your weight lifting exercise is medicine balls. Beginners can use medicine balls if they want to work their weightlifting routine at home.

If you’re new to working out, this first exercise routine is perfect for you since it doesn’t require a lot of pressure, plus you can do your walking exercises with your friends to make the experience more fun.

2. Housework Exercises

For people who are bombarded with household chores, this training is best suited for you. You may have been thinking that you no longer have that luxury of time to insert exercise in your schedule. Don’t worry, the training you need is right in front of you. Did you know that housework and other chores are actually qualified as good physical exercise?

Instead of thinking about your household chores as a tiring job, embrace them as a positive way of boosting your activity levels. You can do this by taking two steps at a time when you go up the stairs to pick up your kid’s laundry. The playtime you have with your children will serve as a low-intensity exercise, too. Mowing your lawn using a manual push mower is also an excellent exercise for your cardiovascular and resistance training.

Every movement you do to complete your chores is an exercise, so positively embrace them.

3. Weight Training To Match With Casual Joggings

People who fit into this category are those who casually jog when they see nice weather outside. Other than that, they go back to their usual routine at work until they see another fine day to jog. In short, they run only when they feel like it or they feel motivated by the weather. While they may be in good cardiovascular shape, the downside is that they have low muscle strength and flexibility.

To alleviate this, casual runners or joggers are best recommended to do minor weight lifting training to build up their muscles in the back and the stomach. If you casually run with no muscle strength, you’re at risk of suffering from muscular or skeletal injuries when you reach the age of 40. So, if you fall into this category, start building up your muscles by doing weight lifting training to lessen your risk of injuries during your weekly jog.

Bottom Line

The best thing about exercise routines is that you don’t have to adjust your schedule or lifestyle to make exercise fit for you. It’s the exercise routine itself that must be altered according to your lifestyle. This way, you won’t see exercise as a burden anymore. Instead, it’s something that you can incorporate every day to improve your life quality.

Exercise will make you live happier, stronger, and feel more empowered, so always include it in your priorities.