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Patek Philippe is one of the most recognizable wrist watch brands today, with various wristwatch ranges that meet wrist watch collectors’ needs. Their business has been around for a long time and is one of the most well-known wrist watch companies on the market.

Their brand and various wristwatch productions can also be a good investment since most of their wristwatches continuously increase in value and are sold at auctions for more than their original price. They’ve also been hailed as one of the most forward-thinking businesses that have aided the wristwatch market in its darkest hours.

We are assuming that you’re new to the wristwatch industry and don’t know what’s out there right now. We’ve selected the best wristwatches from one from their collection, Patek Philippe Complication, Patek Philippe Nautilus, and Patek Philippe Grand Complication, to provide you with some inspiration and suggestions for your next buy.

Grand Complication Cream Dial Men’s Calendar Watch

The first wristwatch you will now have is the Patek Philippe Grand Complications 5320G-001, which is very different from the standard ones. It has a round dial with a white and cream color and white gold materials for its case, which exemplifies a unique analog look. The overall view of this timepiece is clean and has a minimalistic design.

It has many features, including an hour, minute, and second hand, as well as a perpetual calendar with a day and night indicator. Having this timepiece as a luxury wristwatch accessory that can be worn in special events can also be a great way to help you keep track of your day, month, and date.

The case is built with a sapphire crystal and a transparent back with a 40-millimeter diameter and 11.13-millimeter height. In making this timepiece to be worn with utmost comfort, it is matched with alligator leather, which makes this timepiece luxurious and convenient at the same time when worn.

Complications Blue Dial Men’s Calendar Watch

Patek Philippe’s Complications series has created yet another exquisite timepiece. Having this timepiece especially made for a men’s watch, it is built to have more consideration than the usual size of your regular wristwatch. It has a size of 40mm diameter and is made with a white gold material for its case to prolong its durability and last for years to come.

The features of its date functions are also put in unique locations. The date function can be seen at the 12 o’clock marker, and the day of the week is also shown on the dial between the 10 o’clock marker and the 11 o’clock marker. You will also find from the 1 o’clock, and 2 o’clock marker is the month of the year function.

There’s even a subdial for 24 hours that allows you to distinguish day and night. It also used a Patek Phillipe’s Calibre 324 S QA LU 24H/206 with an automatic movement that had a minimum 35-hour power reserve and a maximum 45-hour power reserve. This timepiece is a must-have having its beautiful and astonishing design and with so many features!

Nautilus Blue Dial Men’s Calendar Watch

The model 5712/1A-001 is a men’s calendar watch that is best used for always busy people. It has an ingenious nature design that can easily be paired with most of the trending outfits nowadays. The watch’s distinctive octagon-shaped bezel sets it apart from the competition.

One of the many things that you will like about this timepiece is the blue midnight color of its dial; it also has silver-tone hands and index hour markers to complement the midnight blue color of its dial. The luminescent hour and minute hands and index are all excellent features of the watch. The watch’s diameter is 31 millimeters, which matches the watch’s height of 3.98 millimeters.

The watch has also been encrusted with 29 diamonds, which is the perfect number to add to the watch’s glamour and elegance. The Date function allows you to have a moon phase indicator. Overall this timepiece is a well-built wristwatch with 60 meters of water resistance that gives the wristwatch immunity to regular water damage.


The Patek Philippe has been producing a unique luxury wristwatch that has many functions to offer. The men’s calendar wristwatch collection, for example, is a great innovative timepiece that helps every individual keep track of their time and date. It comes to this kind of new invention that keeps the wristwatch industry up to date with the latest needs from the public.


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