12 Summer Beauty Trends to Prep For

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12 Summer Beauty Trends to Prep For

With spring fully underway now, it’s time to start looking forward to what beauty trends we’ll be seeing more of in 2024. We’ve rounded up 12 makeup, haircare, and skincare trends that will be everywhere as the weather warms up:

Wet Skin

Hydrated dewy skin has been trending for several years now, and that’s not going away in 2024. This summer, expect to see ultra glossy skin that looks almost wet. This can be achieved through using anti-aging skincare, such as super hydrating serums and nourishing moisturizers. If you want to go barefaced to show off your wet skin, you also can consider incorporating some dark spot removers and acne treatments as needed, so that you have a smooth and glowing complexion.

Side Parts

Side Parts

After several years of being on the outs, side parts are now trending in a major way again after multiple celebrities have supported them on the red carpet recently. Whether you’re simply embracing your natural part or doing a dramatic side part to make a statement, you’ll be on trend this spring and summer. We especially love a side part paired with some loose waves or curls for the warmer weather.

Blue Eyeshadow

Maximalist eyeshadow is making a return in 2024, and blue eyeshadow looks are trending specifically, thanks to the ongoing mermaidcore movement. Expect to see all shades of blue from baby blue to dark navy, featuring in makeup looks this year. If you really want to commit to the trend, consider pairing it with a blue lip for the ultimate makeup look.

Apricot and Peach Shades

If blue eyeshadow sounds like a step too far for you, then you will be happy to know that apricot and peach shades are also trending this year. Thanks to Pantone naming peach fuzz as its shade of the year in 2024, these pink tinged neutrals make for a perfect everyday look or a more subdued and natural look for special occasions. Be sure to choose shades that complement your skin’s undertone, as some hues can learn to yellow or orange on certain people.

Bright Blush

Perhaps, as a result of the Barbie movie’s success last year, bright doll blush is everywhere in 2024. To capture this look, choose a bright pink or red shade and apply a circle just to the apples of your cheeks, to create the look of a doll. This is a great option if you are looking for more of a statement than the peach and apricot neutral looks but are quite ready to go full on maximal blue eyeshadow.

Vampy and Grunge Looks

Vampy and Grunge Looks

If you’re not feeling all of the colorful makeup trends, don’t worry: vampy and grunge looks are back as part of the growing 90s trend. Vampy makeup looks tend to veer a little more witchy, such as shiny eyeshadow and a glossy black lip. Grunge tends to be more matte and smudged, in keeping with the subculture’s aesthetic. This is a great opportunity to break out those dark neutrals that don’t see as much use on your eyeshadow palette.

Pixie Haircuts

Clothes aren’t the only thing that’s back from the 90s: Many Y2K beauty trends are making a comeback as well. In addition to multiple 90s makeup trends, which will also talk about on this list, pixie cuts are having a moment right now. If you were thinking about cutting your hair short for spring and summer, now is a great time to embrace this fun and youthful look. Just make sure that you are ready to commit to getting regular trims, as pixie cats grow out quickly and lose their shape if you don’t maintain them.

Skin Streaming

Even though maximalist makeup is trending right now, skin minimalism is in, this time in the form of skin streaming. Skin streaming refers to getting rid of excess steps in your skincare routine, and instead concentrating on the essentials, such as gentle facial washes and anti aging sunscreen. If you have currently been following a 12-step routine and feel completely overwhelmed by it, streaming is a great way to hit reset on your routine and focus on the products that will have the greatest effect.

Multichrome Holographics

Multichrome Holographics

If you really want to make a statement, then it’s time to get yourself some multichrome or holographic pigments. These work especially well for eyeshadow, but you can also find holographic highlighters. Each of these products feature shifting shades of color, so a different hue will show up depending on how the light hits it, resulting in an ever-changing and eye catching look that is sure to get you compliments this spring.

Milk Nails

In contrast to the maximalist makeup trends that are showing up this spring, minimalist nails continue to be fashionable. Jelly milk nails, which feature subtle pastel shades and a high gloss, will continue to remain trendy into 2024. The lighter shades are perfect for spring and summer and also make your nails look super healthy and glossy.

Colored Mascara

If you want to add a subtle pop of color to your eye makeup instead of going with full-on maximalist eyeshadow, then consider picking up some colored mascaras. These products are a fun and easy way to experiment with adding some color to your makeup look without going completely overboard. Make sure to choose a waterproof colored mascara if you tend to cry and swaddle a lot; otherwise, you might end up with some strangely colored tears!

Frosty Eyeshadow

Another 90s trend that’s coming back this spring involves frosty eyes and lips. For the eyes, shades of silver and white are trending, but any frosty shade will do. For the ultimate 90s look, pair this with a strong lip liner and a bold lip to get that defined look that everyone wore back then. Are you planning to try out any of these beauty trends this spring and summer? What about other beauty trends that you are seeing this season? Let us know in the comments below!


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