10 Perfect Hairstyle Ideas for summer

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Whether your hair is long or short, we have found you 10 hairstyle ideas perfect for the beautiful season. Braids, updos, and twists will be in the spotlight this summer. Make way for hair inspiration!

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The Simple Twist

This summer hairstyle is achieved very quickly. With a simple bar allowing you to see your hair anyway, it is possible to style your hair in two steps, three movements. Convenient! And, above all, pretty!

Hairstyle with Flowers

To give a little summer air to your hairstyle, just put some flowers in your hair like around this simple twist. Choose a flower from the garden, small or large, to change your look day after day!

Thin Braids

Instead of broad, loose braids, you can go for tight, thin braids that you tie behind your head. To help you, you can work on your hair, which is still wet.

A “Without Braid”

If you look fast, you think its two braids, but it’s just two twists that you tie tightly together. Create waves in the rest of your hair for an effect of great freedom.

The Light Bun

Here are all the steps to make a simple and easy bun. In the end, don’t forget to create some “space” in your bun. It allows for the look a little relaxed, ideal for summer.

Double Braid

The braids made with the wig keep you from having crazy hair in your face. It is a good idea for playing sports or for a carefree tanning session.

Trio of Ideas

You have a central fishtail (you braid, but with only two strands). You might never have thought of doing one without using all of your hair. Here is the trick to try! Then you have a free hair part and an ultra-long mini braid. The possibilities multiply when you dare!

Braided Crown

Even with shoulder-length hair, you can use the braids to create a style that reminds you of your days on the beach or the balcony soaking up the sun!

Summer Profile

Going for a half bun that you let fall without fussing so that it stays in the air while having the rest of your hair free is an excellent solution for busy mornings.

Say It with Braids

Braids allow hair to be gathered a little shorter – handy when wearing layered – and also to hold it back, so it doesn’t get in the way during all your activities.

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