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Mascara Write for Us

Mascara Write for Us

What is a Mascara?

Mascara is a makeup product usually used on one’s eyelashes. It is applied to the eyelashes to enhance the eyes. Mascara comes from a stick or a brush with tiny bristles. It helps you spread the mascara product finely on your eyelashes.

Women generally use mascara to darken, thicken and beautify their lashes. It brings an attraction to your face. A few women have thin and small lashes, so, they use mascara to lengthen and increase the size of the lashes.

Waterproof Mascara

When talking about mascara, it is also essential to speak about waterproof mascara. A waterproof mascara avoids water to wet the mascara applied on your lashes. This mascara is what a woman wishes for.

But, waterproof mascaras are not beneficial. It is because it caused difficulty for you while removing it as it contains little to no water. It can result in damaging your lashes or breaking them. So, it is suggested not to you a waterproof mascara as far as possible.

Types of Mascara

Mascaras are primarily of 3 types. You can find them in any of these three forms. They are:

  • Cream
  • Powder
  • Liquid

Cream Mascara

A cream mascara helps you to get long and thick lashes with a liquid kind of substance on your lashes. It is neither wholly runny nor stuffy, but it is in a cream texture.

Powder Mascara

A powder mascara comes as a powder, and you can’t use it directly. Instead, you need to add a few drops of water to it. Then, you mix and use the mixture.

Liquid Mascara

Liquid mascara is the most common type of mascara used by most women. It is found in a liquid form and sharpens the lashes when you apply it.

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