Aqualyx. A new way to get rid of fat in 10 minutes without surgery

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Accumulation of fat disrupts the harmony of body contours. At the same time, contrary to the widespread belief that weight loss solves all such problems permanently and permanently, local fat deposits do not depend on the presence of excess weight and are found even in people with underweight.

Almost the only effective way to instantly remove fat from the inner thighs, remove a double chin and get rid of other imbalances in the figure is liposuction.

Alas, no non-surgical liposuction can compare in effectiveness with a surgical procedure. Non-surgical methods of fat correction, such as lymphatic drainage and ultrasonic cavitation, either have a mild effect or require several months of regular use.

The new drug “Aqualyx” received the title of non-surgical liposuction deservedly. Even practicing surgeons recognize its effectiveness.

Just one injection of “Aqualyx” reduces the volume to 2 cm. And the use of a series of 2-5 procedures is guaranteed to get rid of the problem. So aqualyx for sale is popular right now.

What is Aqualix lipolytic

Aqualyx is a formulation containing a modified sodium salt of deoxycholic acid.

Developing a new lipolytic, scientists called for the help of the forces of nature. Deoxycholic acid is synthesized by the human liver, that is, it is constantly present in the body. This element is “native” for us. Therefore, the drug is favorably perceived by the body and does not have a toxic effect.

The action of the lipolytic “Aqualix” has a direct effect – as a result of its introduction, the membrane of fat cells dissolves. Localized fat deposits are gradually destroyed and excreted by the lymphatic system. The special gel formula of the drug is designed for prolonged action. The gel is not absorbed immediately, and for several days it continues to destroy the fat depots.

When Aqualix is used

Non-surgical liposuction using Aqualix is used in areas of local fat deposits so you can order fillers online. Most often these are:

  • Upper arms;
  • Back folds;
  • Stomach;
  • Boca;
  • Zones “breeches”;
  • Outer thighs, cellulite;
  • Inner thighs;
  • Inner side of knees;
  • Gynecomastia (enlarged breasts in men);
  • Lipomas;
  • Buffalo hump;
  • correction of asymmetry after liposuction.

The effect becomes noticeable within 20-30 minutes after the procedure: volumes leave, body contours become more harmonious and beautiful.

How often the procedure should be repeated depends on the specific situation. One time will be enough for someone. However, 3-4 procedures are usually required, with an interval of three weeks each.

How is the Aqualix procedure

How is Aqualix pricked? The technology by which Aqualix is introduced is called intralipotherapy. This is a fan technique similar to vector lifting in cosmetology. It requires special flexible and long Lipoinject cannulas. As a rule, blunt needles with a length of 7 to 10 cm are used. This length allows you to inject the drug specifically into adipose tissue.

In addition, thin needles allow you to treat each area through a single puncture without using special anesthetics. Does it hurt? No, the procedure is practically painless. However, if there is too low a pain threshold or hypersensitivity, local anesthesia may be used.

The duration of the procedure usually does not exceed 10 minutes. It may well be performed at lunchtime, therefore it received the epithet “office liposculpture”.

During the procedure, from one to five vials of the drug can be used. Each bottle has its own number (the manufacturer puts stickers with it in the box). After the end of the procedure, the doctor sticks this sticker on the patient’s medical record.


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