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Ankle Sprains Write For Us

Ankle Sprains Write For Us

Ankle sprains are common injuries in persons of all ages and all activity levels. They are the number one reason for not participating in athletics.

An ankle sprain comes when the strong ligaments that care for the ankle are stretch beyond their limits and torn. A sprain’s harshness can vary greatly depending on the number of ligaments involved and the extent of the tearing.

What Causes Ankle Sprains?

Most ankle sprains occur when the ankle twists or the foot rolls toward it. Most often occurs during sporting activities. But you don’t have to play sports to injure your ankle – taking an awkward step or climbing stairs can cause a sprain.

What are the Signs & Symptoms of an Ankle Sprain?

The signs of an ankle sprain hang on how serious it is. Common symptoms include:

  • Soreness
  • Pain
  • Bruising
  • trouble bearing weight or walking on the ankle
  • Swelling

What are the types of ankle sprains?

There are three kinds of ankle sprains depending on how much of the ligament is damaged:

  • Grade 1 (mild) The ligament fiber is slightly stretch or has a tiny tear. You will have slight swelling and tenderness in your ankle.
  • Grade 2 (moderate). The ligament is torn, but it is not completely torn. Because of the injury, your ankle is swollen, making it difficult to move.
  • Grade 3 (severe). The ligament is completely torn. Your ankle is very swollen, the injury is painful, and it is difficult to walk.

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