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Smartphone cases are primarily used for the protection of your mobile device. Available in different materials and designs, phone cases have multiple options of covering your phone without losing its aesthetic value. It is available in plastic and leather, as both back covers and folio cases, and offers an array of colors depending on personal preference. 

It is natural that people who want to accessorize all of their belongings would want to invest in a good smartphone case. Because people keep changing their smartphones depending on new software upgrades, there is also a growing demand for covers to go with them. The phone case industry owes its growth to the growing urbanization. 

In this article, we will be talking about the growth in the smartphone industry and the new trends for cases. 

An Overview and Projection

Smartphone cases have been in greater demand with increasing sales volume due to the high growth in demand for premium smartphones. As customers get in the habit of upgrading their devices with new technology innovation, they are also more likely to buy smartphone cases to go along with them. Exposure through social media has made people more aware of the different varieties of protective cases. 

Due to urbanization and globalization, the growth of this industry is supposed to increase in the coming years. Even though almost all brands have invested in creating unique designs for their devices, the protective cover industry is supposed to grow. This is because it offers a layer of shock absorbance in the event of an impact. 

The aesthetic value thus becomes a secondary factor of the evolving market trends. Currently, the industry of mobile phone protective cases is valued at 20.5 billion US dollars in the global market. This multi-billion dollar industry is only supposed to grow in the coming decade. The projected growth rate from 2019 to 2027 is supposed to be 6.3%. 

Product Analysis

Leather case

While talking about product analysis, factors like material, design, and functionality are taken into account. The industry is constantly led by innovation which has improved the options offered to the customers. Innovative functions in phone covers essentially mean that the functionality of the device would be increased. Typically, the design would have to include a way to grip the phone more firmly. 

Multilayer protective covers were also introduced in the market that promised high shock absorbance and a higher level of safety for your device. When we talk of materials, rubber, silicon, and thermoplastics are the leading choices across global manufacturers. These materials allow for the printing of different patterns and drawings, which improve the aesthetic value of the product. 

When we talk of overall product domination, body glove options will have the majority of demand. The body glove protective case is the most convenient to use and also offers better designs. While folio cases and hard cases are also in demand, the body glove segment holds the majority of the market share at 32%. You can easily get any of the designs in leather material as well due to growing demand. A great option for leather cases is

Geography Based Analysis

The market trend analysis on the basis of geographical location depends on which market contributed the most to the global market share. Depending on the mobile subscribers in a geographical location and their involvement in the industry as buyers, we can analyze the dominance of a particular region.

As of 2017, the Asia Pacific contributed the most to the protective case industry. The Asia Pacific market is leading but will also show significant growth with more than 2.7 billion mobile users. The majority of these users were from China, India, and Japan. Growing consumerism and urbanization in these regions are supposed to drive the growth in the coming years as well. Apart from the Asia Pacific market, the up and coming markets also need to be taken into account. 

The Middle East and Latin America are some markets that are expected to show a significant growth in market revenue till 2023. All of these areas are driving because of urbanization, and their market is now more aware of smartphone accessories like protective cases. Emerging markets and countries like Indonesia and Bangladesh are also driving sales. 

4G and 5G network systems are expected to provide significant upgrades in the smartphone industry, which will drive the need for protective cases. 

The Takeaway

The trends in smartphone cases to date have to be understood via the growth in the market trends. The multi-billion industry is supposed to see more growth owing to globalization and urbanization. Smartphone cases of different types are supposed to emerge as markets see an influx of new customers. 


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