Promoting a women’s health magazine: Top marketing strategies

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Marketing a magazine can be tough if you don’t have a plan. Here are our top handpicked strategies that would do wonders for your women’s health magazine.

If you run a women’s health magazine, you know how important it is to produce the best content for your audience. After all, good content brings more readers and is the foundation for promoting it. Besides that, you’ll need to be presentable. We suggest crafting stunning magazine covers with an online graphic design tool like PosterMyWall. All in all, without a good marketing strategy, you won’t be able to expand your magazine’s viewership. In this blog, you’ll learn some effective strategies to promote your women’s health magazine.

Distribute content for free

No one likes to open a website and start reading an article only to find that it is behind a paywall. Unless you’re a big publication like The Economist or New York Times, doing that would repel people from opening your articles ever again. If you want to capitalize on your content, the best way is to gather a sizable audience and run ads on your website.

We suggest going the extra mile and distributing free content. For example, if you have some content reserved for premium readers, make an article from that catalog for free users. If your paid articles truly provide value to your audience, many free users will go premium. Even if they don’t, they’ll appreciate the gesture, which will add to your goodwill.

Diversify distribution channels

If you want to reach your full potential, you’ll have to diversify your distribution channels. For instance, your women’s health magazine will most likely be available on the web. However, many users prefer podcasts, YouTube videos, and social media appearances — if you put your content on multiple streams, you’ll increase the likelihood of customer engagement.

But where do you begin? Our bet is social media marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing today. Consider Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. Create your magazine’s pages and try to build a community of followers who share the same goals as your magazine. Alternatively, you can post snippets of your articles on other groups and pages to expand your reach.

Emailing newsletters

Email marketing is typically used for promoting products, but it can work wonders for promoting your women’s health magazine too. All you need to do is craft the perfect newsletter for your audience. Make sure you have a “Subscribe to our weekly newsletter” button on your website, as it will help your subscriber list continually grow.

When it comes to crafting a weekly newsletter, you’ll have to think out of the box and get on the reader’s side. All your newsletters should provide value to the audience. For example, you could mention an upcoming article titled “Guided meditation for pregnant mothers” to generate some buzz around it before it’s even released. Your newsletter should be a mix of text, visuals, and images to get the most traction.

Make your digital and print versions complement each other

If your magazine is in both digital and print forms, you need to tightly knit them together so that the audience from one can transition to the other. While print magazines aren’t as popular as they were a decade ago, they can be instrumental in promoting your magazine’s digital print. For instance, you can use QR codes on the print versions to redirect people to the online version of your magazine.

Similarly, you can refresh old print versions of your magazine in digital form if they don’t exist. If you’re a pay-to-read platform, you can sell print and digital together at a discounted price. Make sure you partner with Amazon or other platforms that deal with books. If you want to take a step further, you can launch audio versions of your long-form articles on sites like Audible.

Social media marketing can work wonders

As discussed earlier, everyone uses social media, and if you don’t promote your magazine there, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Focus on marketing on platforms that are most relevant and where your target audience is hanging out. For a women’s health magazine, that would be Instagram and Facebook.

Remember, social media marketing is all about how engagingly you present yourself. Put up posters and catchy captions when you post URLs to your magazine articles. Keep your posts short, as no one would read an entire paragraph of text. All the information you post on social media should be easily digestible for the reader.

Pair up with influencers

Joining hands with a social media influencer is a fast-track method to expanding your subscriber list. Influencers have loyal followers who look up to them as experts in their field. As a result, an influencer’s advice and suggestions are followed almost religiously. Getting an influencer to talk about your women’s health magazine and all the benefits it brings to the audience can really help you garner traction for your magazine.

However, choosing an influencer can be tricky — not everyone would be excited about your magazine. So, it’s crucial that you pick an influencer who is passionate and excited about your women’s health magazine, and really believes that it should be read by more women for the benefit of more people. Of course, most influencers won’t do that for free, so be ready to return the favor by paying them money or offering something else they value.

Some final thoughts

While the above marketing tips are critical to promoting your women’s health magazine, the magazine’s design, how it looks, and other aesthetic features also factor into whether people would want to read it or not. Use feminine colors like pink, red, and orange often so that it looks like a magazine dedicated to women.

Lastly, consider the overall layout — divide the text into multiple paragraphs so that each paragraph is no more than 2-3 lines. The bottom line is everything in your magazine should make it easier to read for the reader.


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