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Money Rediff com – India was consolidated in January 1996 with a mission to give top-notch web-based shopper administration contributions.

Settled in Mumbai, India, conveys News and Data, Venture Email Administrations, and a Web-based Shopping Commercial centre. These administrations are followed through on computers, tablets, and o wide variety of cell phone stages.

Our scope of administration length includes a wide variety of publication inclusion that incorporates the most recent news, meetings, and assessment articles, an energetic Excel segment focusing on the youthful crowd, recordings, film highlights and surveys, live cricket scores, live stock statements, Endeavor Mail as well as free email, making us the main Web objective in India.

Rediff money gainers

Rediff money gainers list is divided into groups such as Group A, Group B, Group M, Group T and so on,

Here is the list of groups from Money Rediff com (www money Rediff com) on daily bases

Company mentioned by Money Rediff com Group Prev Close (Rs) Current Price (Rs) % Change
Hind Rectifiers B 190.3 228.35 19.99
Kuberan Global Edu MS 10.62 12.74 19.96
DMR Hydroengineering M 22.15 26.55 19.86
Omni Ax’s Software X 2.99 3.48 16.39
Gujarat Natural Res X 17.7 20.6 16.38
Liberty Shoes Li B 192.9 221.85 15.01
Purple Entertainment X 7.66 8.69 13.45
Tourism Finance B 62.2 70.05 12.62
Olympic Cards Ltd. X 2.8 3.15 12.5
Goyal Aluminium M 80.85 90.9 12.43
Omnipotent Industrie M 17.4 19.25 10.63
Swaraj Engines B 1694.85 1872 10.45
Sharanam Infra X 1.1 1.21 10
Vision Cinemas L X 1.5 1.65 10
VIP Clothing B 36.5 40.15 10
Sonal Mercantile X 71.4 78.5 9.94
Ridings Consulting M 6.75 7.42 9.93
Econo Trade (India) X 9.09 9.99 9.9
McLeod Russel B 37.4 41.1 9.89
Filatex Fashions X 7.59 8.34 9.88
Pan Electronics X 25.35 27.85 9.86
Regent Enterprises X 2.35 2.58 9.79
Sita Enterprises X 19.8 21.7 9.6
NDA Securities X 14.2 15.5 9.15
Modella Woollens X 90.15 98 8.71
Artson Engg. X 96.7 104.85 8.43
BDH Industries X 177.45 192.1 8.26
Khadim India B 277.65 300 8.05
Arvind Fashions A 295.4 318.95 7.97
Induction Steel Li X 37.05 39.9 7.69
Kaya L B 358.25 384 7.19
Milk Food X 359.1 384.55 7.09
Solara Active Pharma A 429.35 459.45 7.01

Here is the list of group form www Rediff money on weekly bases

Company mentioned by Money Rediff com Group Prev Close (Rs) Current Price (Rs) % Change
McLeod Russel B 23.05 41.1 78.31
Sonal Mercantile X 45.7 78.5 71.77
TRF Ltd T 243.05 356.55 46.7
Rhetan TMT MT 53.2 76.4 43.61
Eiko Lifesciences X 43 60.05 39.65
Bhatia Colour Chem M 41.25 57.05 38.3
BDH Industries X 138.95 190.9 37.39
Lehar Footwears X 59.2 78.85 33.19
Vikram Thermo (I X 44.35 58.95 32.92
Fine Line Circu. X 60.2 80 32.89
Transformers & Recti B 39.95 52.8 32.17
Supra Pacific Manage X 23.6 31 31.36
Ambar Protein Indust XT 518.95 662.15 27.59
Riddhi Corp. Service T 150.75 192.3 27.56
Shri Gang Industries XT 174.35 222.4 27.56
Fischer Chemic XT 89.9 114.65 27.53
DJ Mediaprint & Logi M 125.65 160.2 27.5
Creative Casting X 472.15 602 27.5
Oscar Global Ltd X 13.53 17.25 27.49
Quasar India Ltd. XT 8.2 10.45 27.44
Indo Euro Indchem XT 15.2 19.37 27.43
Synthiko Foils XT 79.7 101.55 27.42
Tinna Trade X 47.05 59.95 27.42
Eighty Jewellers M 54 68.8 27.41
Golechha Global X 12.88 16.41 27.41
Hipolin Ltd. X 64.6 82.3 27.4
RMC Switchgears M 61.5 78.35 27.4
Intl. Data Mangt XT 11.9 15.16 27.39

Here is the list of group forms money Rediff com on Monthly bases

Company mentioned by Money Rediff com Group Prev Close (Rs) Current Price (Rs) % Change
Virgo Global XT 0.82 2.97 262.2
DCM Financial B 4.05 11.42 181.98
Ambar Protein Indust XT 238 662.15 178.21
Citizen Infoline XT 12.33 34 175.75
Quantum Digital Vis. XT 12.15 33.2 173.25
Pressure Sensitive X 56.4 150.95 167.64
Jagjanani Textiles L XT 1.54 4.12 167.53
Madhusudan Secur X 2.96 7.66 158.78
Citi Port Finance XT 9.26 23.2 150.54
Vapi Enterprise XT 31.5 78.9 150.48
York Exports Lim XT 28.6 71.2 148.95
Northern Spirits M 45 109.9 144.22
Synthiko Foils XT 42.3 101.55 140.07
Trinity League India XT 8.09 19.29 138.44
Fischer Chemic XT 48.5 114.65 136.39
Oscar Global Ltd X 7.35 17.25 134.69
D B Realty Ltd. T 53.85 125.6 133.24
Goel Food Products M 79.8 184 130.58
M M Rubber Company X 62.5 142.5 128
TRF Ltd T 157.25 356.55 126.74
NIBE XT 211.35 470 122.38
Vadilal Enterprises XT 1700.5 3739.85 119.93
Vinyl Chemicals B 358.9 784.85 118.68
Golechha Global X 7.57 16.41 116.78
Mayur Floorings XT 6.18 13.38 116.5
Optimus Finance X 40.85 88 115.42
KBS India L X 24.9 52 108.84
Goblin India M 43.15 89.5 107.42
Regency Ceramics T 16.09 33.35 107.27
Rolcon Eng Co. P 150.75 311.8 106.83

money rediff com (rediff money com)

Money Rediff com (Rediff money losers)  provides the latest news interviews and opinion articles.

Here are the top new forms

World’s 2nd Richest Man With Friends – Money Rediff com (Rediff money my portfolio)

Money Rediff com said the world’s 2nd  richest man Gautam Adani is currently the second most extravagant individual on earth. The director of the Adani bunch surpassed Bill Entryways – – when the most elegant man on the planet – – this week. Adani and his family are valued at $114 billion. Doors, who said he would give $20 billion to his establishment, is in the fifth spot, with abundance assessed at $102 billion.

In front of Adani are Tesla’s Elon Musk, Louis Vuitton’s Bernard Arnault and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. Adani’s abundance multiplied in a year and considering that force, we could see the Ahmedabadi mogul overwhelm Bezos by the following year.

When Asia’s most well-off individual, Mukesh Ambani, is six spots underneath his Indian opponent, in the tenth spot with an abundance assessed at $88 billion.

Brief looks at Adani with world pioneers:

When the Finance Minister did Yoga – Money Rediff com (www Rediff com money)

Money Rediff com] explains what Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman performed yoga during a mass yoga session at the Jantar Mantar in New Delhi to celebrate the eighth edition of the International Day of Yoga, June 21, 2022.

Money Rediff com (Rediff money portfolio)

Rediff money portfolio (m money Rediff) Innovation has come to the guide of savers and financial backers in numerous ways. One prominent model is a decrease in costs and an improvement in returns like this.

For instance, purchasing common assets (MFs) through the immediate arrangement course by going to the asset house’s Site can save you more than 100 premise focuses regarding costs versus a typical arrangement.

What’s more, Rediff money 52 weeks high throughout the long term, this north of 100-premise point distinction can prompt significantly better yields.

On the off accidental that you have paid a singular amount measure of Rs 1 lakh in a value plot returning 10% every year, an immediate arrangement financial backer would make Rs 1.46 lakh following five years, while an ordinary arrangement financial backer would make Rs 1.37 lakh, a distinction of Rs 9,000. Following 15 years, this distinction would be more than Rs 60,000.

Furthermore, Money Rediff com (Rediff money login)  is just in light of the datum that the expense contrast is 125 premise focuses between an immediate and a typical arrangement.

Money Rediff com (Rediff money watchlist)

1. Guarantee you fabricate your security net (6 to a year compulsory costs in bank/fluid asset)

Financial backers generally have this inquiry on top of their brain: ‘Where do I start?’ The response can be summed up in 3 stages:

Make a rundown of all your compulsory costs throughout the previous half year and register a typical month-to-month cost.

Duplicate that number by 6 to 12, relying upon your trust in your future pay—the higher the certainty, the lesser the number, and the other way around.

Keep that sum in an investment funds ledger or liquid assets. Try not to contact it as this is the security pool.

The one thing that 2020 has revealed to us is the significance of a possible reserve.

2. Know what’s more, contribute according to your gambling profile

The risk profile uncovers how much gambling an individual can endure.

Realizing your gamble profile will constantly work to your most significant advantage.

The ventures your family members/companions/partners do may not be the ideal choice for you.


Similarly, the most popular trend in effective financial planning may not be guaranteed to suit your necessities.

If you have a moderate or high gamble profile, you can consider having a higher portion, creating speculation with an extra gamble.

On the other hand, if you get awkward when you see a swing in the profits or have a solid sense of security when the gains are steady and steady, then you better have restricted distribution in resources with the high gamble.

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