How To Fix [pii_email_71e6bcfa8a2bee2aa151] Error?

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How To Fix pii_email_71e6bcfa8a2bee2aa151 Error?

Microsoft Outlook is a widely used M.S. application that both individuals and organizations trust. It is considered to be one of the most trusted email applications in the world. Hundreds and millions of people rely upon this application with their personal and professional information. It is vital for the company and also for the application that people trust this application.

Microsoft Outlook is designed to make the entire process of sending and receiving emails easy and convenient. Users can use the Microsoft Outlook service to send and receive emails to multiple accounts, but there is more. It also plays a vital role in managing users’ data. This data ranges from contacts, calendar dates and highlights, notes, and much more.

If you have been using Outlook for a long time, you should be aware that Outlook is largely free of errors and viruses. But sometimes some errors like pii_email_71e6bcfa8a2bee2aa151 appear out of nowhere. Such mistakes can not only spoil your mood and your day-to-day work but ruin your whole day. The disappointing part is that you can’t fix this error, and you can update and restart. To fix this error and get back to the back, you will need to troubleshoot yourself or go through various repair methods.

You need to ask yourself where the error is and what methods can be beneficial in fixing the error effectively. In this article we explain everything about the error pii_email_71e6bcfa8a2bee2aa151. So without further ado, let’s get into the cause of this pesky bug.

What is the cause of pii_email_71e6bcfa8a2bee2aa151 error?

When we talk about the cause or reason for this failure, there is no particular reason for the loss. Microsoft Outlook users have come across numerous different explanations for this error. It is pretty challenging to find out the exact reason for the failure. If you cannot trace the cause or cause of the loss, it is best to try different methods and find valuable ways.

One of the most common reasons or causes for this error is the SMTP server conflict. This error occurs in the event of a dispute between the Microsoft Outlook account that signed into the application. The next cause of the pii_email_71e6bcfa8a2bee2aa151 error is that it prevents users from sending email.

Other reasons for the error range from any failure that ultimately leads to corruption. It is not so important to find out what is causing the problem. The difference is whether to pursue the final solution or to fix the problem.

SMTP Server Conflict

If the cause of the failure is the usual SMTP server conflict, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Click in the left corner of the application and select the “File” option.
  • Go to Account Settings.
  1. A window will appear. From there, tap on the Email tab.
  2. Now select the “Additional settings” tab.
  3. Navigate to Internet Mail Settings.
  • Go to the General tab and enable “My outgoing mail server (SMTP).”
  • Tap the Save icon.
  1. Close the window and open M.S. Outlook again to see if the error is resolved.

What are the different method of fixing the [pii_email_71e6bcfa8a2bee2aa151] error?

When it comes to fixing this Microsoft Outlook error, we can come up with several solutions. We have found some of the most widely accepted solutions that work best for solving this problem. These fixes or solutions will help you send and receive emails without errors.

The repair methods we have collected will help you solve this problem and prevent the screen from appearing in your Microsoft Outlook account. The procedures listed below are tested and worked to resolve the error caused by various reasons.

Another critical aspect of these methods is that you only have to try them once. After discovering the technique that works for you and efficiently fixing this error, the whole problem is over. You can safely use this particular method the next time you see the error.

As mentioned earlier, knowing the cause of the cause or tracking the rationale behind it isn’t strictly necessary, but it’s not a bad idea either. Once you know the reason for the failure, you can easily choose the effective method. It also makes you more independent and self-sufficient to fix the error the next time.

Let’s look at the methods and see what sets them apart from all the other techniques on the market.

1. Update Microsoft Outlook to Latest Version

Microsoft is a fantastic platform to work for. As a brand, she believes in going with the flow. Because of this, we’re probably seeing updates for your apps right now. Release of updated almost every month. Only by keeping the application up to date can many conflicts and problems be resolved.

Most of the time, all of these errors in the Microsoft Outlook application are due to incorrect parameters of all things. Once you update Microsoft Outlook, all of these conflicts and problems will resolve on their own. It will save you all the errors and pop-ups that only appear because you are using an older version of Microsoft Outlook.

If you haven’t updated Microsoft Outlook yet, this is the time. There are several ways to update Microsoft Outlook. You can edit the application internally or select Microsoft Update.

The best part about these updates is that they add the M.S. Outlook and Other Operating Systems. It is best for the overall health of your computer. Before updating the Microsoft application, check and compare the version you are looking for with the latest version available on the Microsoft Office website. Follow the steps below to update your Microsoft Outlook account.

  1. Open the M.S. Outlook application on your computer or P.C.
  2. In the top left corner, click the Files tap.
  • Select “My Account” from the menu.
  1. Tap the Product Information menu and select the Update option.

A dialog box will appear on the screen saying Download updates from Microsoft. After the download is complete, you can send and receive emails without the error message appearing on your screen.

2. Change the Port Number

If you’re wondering why we included changing the port number in these methods, you will find the answer in a moment. This method is one of the most effective in correcting the error. Many users have tried it and are surprised to see how the error goes away by changing the port number.

It’s a straightforward process, and you can fix the error in a fraction of a second or a minute. One of the causes of the error pii_email_71e6bcfa8a2bee2aa151 is that the port numbers of the servers do not match. Therefore, the error disappears immediately after the port number changes.

Follow the methods below to modify the port numbers in the Microsoft Outlook application.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Select the Files option.
  • Tap the Account Settings button.
  1. Navigate to Email. Select the email account for which you need to change the port number.
  2. Tap the “Change” option.
  3. A “Changes have been made” dialog box appears on the screen. Choose More Settings.
  • Select the Advanced option. Go to Internet Email Settings.
  • Change the port number on the outgoing server (STMP).
  1. Click OK and confirm.

The new configuration has changed, the port numbers are saved, and all conflicts are resolved. Now restart your computer and pick up where you left off. When you start working in your Microsoft Outlook application again, check that all functions are working correctly. If you encounter a problem, you can repeat the process, and it will be resolved. You should try other methods if the problem is still not resolved.

3. Remove Duplicate Accounts

If you’ve tried the two methods above and still can’t fix the problem, it is time to remove duplicate accounts from your Outlook account. If you manage duplicate accounts using the same Outlook account, the error message pii_email_71e6bcfa8a2bee2aa151 can appear on your screen at any time.

The error can be fixed if you delete such an account. You can follow the steps below to fix the error.

  1. Select the options for files.
  2. Tap Account Settings. Select Account Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the email account that you want to delete.
  1. Touch and select the Delete icon.
  2. Click OK after the final confirmation box appears.

After successfully completing the above steps, the error problem pii_email_71e6bcfa8a2bee2aa151 should go away. It is fixed immediately. Check the problem, and if it’s gone, it’s fixed.

Another thing to keep in mind here is how to manage your accounts and organize them properly. You can repeat the same process if the error message reappears. Now your productivity is no longer interrupted by mistakes or conflicts.

In case you cannot fix the error using this same account removal method, the cause of the error may be different. To improve the error, please proceed with the following ways now.

4. Fix the Error through Control Panel

This is a different effective way to get rid of the pii_email_71e6bcfa8a2bee2aa151 error. Sometimes Microsoft Office suite gets corrupted due to missing files. This leads to the error pii_email_71e6bcfa8a2bee2aa151. Here are the steps to solve the problem.

1.    Select the Start button on the taskbar.

2.    To open the Control Panel, type “Control Panel” in the search bar.

  •     In the Control Panel, choose Programs and Features.

1.    You will now see a tab for uninstalling a program. Choose it.

2.   Now select Microsoft Office 365.

3.       Touch and select the exchange option.

Make sure to restart your Microsoft Outlook application after following all of the above. This way, you will know if the error has been fixed or not. A restart is critical in this scenario as you may not notice any changes in an already open application.

If you can’t see the error opening the app, your error is resolved. Now you don’t have to do anything else to continue working on your M.S. Outlook account.

Following this method will permanently remove the error unless specific changes cause the error to reappear. However, you can always fix the error using the techniques we’ve included in this article.

Avoiding the error (pii_email_a602384a3a23046a31a6)

Keep your P.C. safe and away from all viruses and malware.

Avoid installing a lot of plugins and plugins. Conflicts with these add-ins and add-ins can slow down your Microsoft Outlook account.

Make sure to scan your PC. occasionally. It will keep your P.C. intact. Secure and allows all external applications to adapt accordingly.

To learn more about the pii_email_71e6bcfa8a2bee2aa151 error, you can watch various tutorials available on YouTube. Be sure to try the methods above.

Bottom Line

The pii_email_71e6bcfa8a2bee2aa151 error or any other error that hampers your productivity and affects your workspace requires an immediate resolution. It is best to avoid these types of errors, including the [pii_email_71e6bcfa8a2bee2aa151] error.

If you want to learn additional about how to solve pii_email_a602384a3a23046a31a6, you can search the internet for tutorials to help beginners solve these problems on their own. There are detailed online tutorials on how to correct errors related to various error codes.

The important thing is to stay calm and be patient with the whole thing. That way, the entire process will be more straightforward for you. Stay tuned to learn more about the errors and their solutions.

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