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Farzi Wiki , Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK are the makers and directors of the Indian murder thriller television series Farzi. Kay Kay Menon, Raashi Khanna, Vijay Sethupathi, and Shahid Kapoor are among its stars. On February 10, 2023 it will be accessible on Amazon Prime Video. The show centres on a gifted prodigy artist who started making and minting counterfeit money.

Farzi, which was once envisioned as a movie in 2014, was developed into a TV show by 2019. In July 2021, principal photography got underway in Mumbai. Jordan, Goa, Nepal, and Alibaug were also used for filming. The songs were written by Sachin-Jigar and Tanishk Bagchi, and Ketan Sodha handled the score. The Family Man, a spy series by Raj & DK, and this one are connected by continuity.

On February 10, 2023, the eight-episode series debuted on Amazon Prime Video. Farzi became the most-watched Indian streaming series after receiving favourable reviews. Kapoor announced at the end of February 2023 that the programme will return for a second season.


Farzi Wiki , The protagonist of Farzi is Sunny, an artist who, after failing to maintain his grandfather’s large printing press in operation, has grown weary of India’s economic disparity. He chooses to work with Firoz, his closest friend, to create fake currency. Michael, a police officer, and Mansoor, a thug, challenge them. The term Farzi, which translates to “fake,” alludes to counterfeiting as well as people’s innate “fakeness,” according to co-creator Raj Nidimoru.

Characters And The Cast

Starring Vijay Sethupathi as Michael Vedanayagam IPS, a Special Task Force officer and the leader of the Counterfeiting & Currency Fraud Analysis & Research Team (CCFART), and Shahid Kapoor as disillusioned artist Sandeep “Sunny”

Mansoor Dalal, a criminal mastermind headquartered in Jordan who oversees the counterfeit network in India, is portrayed by Kay Kay Menon.

Chittaranjan Giri as Yasir, a worker at Kranti Patrika; Bhuvan Arora as Firoz, Sunny’s best friend and partner; Raashii Khanna as Megha Vyas, a Reserve Bank of India officer who later joins CCFART

Pawan Gahlot’s finance minister Zakir Hussain as Jaswant Singh Dalal as CCFART member Shekhar Ahlawat Amol Palekar as Madhav, Sunny’s grandfather and Kranti Patrika’s owner Kubbra Sait as Mansoor’s superior

No. Of Episodes Title Directed Bycomposed By The Initial Publishing Date

No. Of Episodes Title Directed Bycomposed By The Initial Publishing Date

1.”Artists” Raj And Dksuman Kumar, Raj & DK, And Sita Menonfebruary 10, 2023

Farzi Wiki ,  Sunny, a penniless artist, works with his best buddy Firoz to help his grandfather Madhav manage an idealistic printing factory. When a business is in danger of going bankrupt, problems occur. Firoz and Sunny, disillusioned, plan to make fake 500 rupee notes. After failing the first time, they succeed on their second try. In the meantime, Michael, a resolute officer, apprehends Mansoor Dalal, the mastermind of counterfeiting, in Nepal. But Mansoor gets away. Afterwards, Mansoor abducts Firoz and Sunny.

3 “CCFART”DK And Rajsuman Kumar, Raj & DK, And Sita Menonfebruary 10, 2023

With Gahlot’s assistance, Michael forms the Counterfeiting and Currency Fraud Analysis and Research Team (CCFART), the task force he desired. He has a tumultuous connection with both his kid and ex-wife, Rekha. Megha joins Michael’s squad because she is unhappy with her position at the RBI. She almost uncovers their scheme when she refuses to follow Michael’s orders to look into the “artist” whose false note she had found. In the meantime, Sunny and Firoz wind up transporting a ₹20 crore package to Surat themselves after being contracted to make counterfeit money for a politician.

4 “Dhanrakshak”DK And Rajsuman Kumar, Raj & DK, And Sita Menonfebruary 10, 2023

Michael receives divorce papers from Rekha. Gahlot launches Dhanrakshak, Megha’s fictitious note scanner, in the hopes that the publicity will aid in his election victory. Madhav has dementia in the interim. Mansoor feels uneasy about the Dhanrakshak-related arrests. Mansoor kidnaps Sunny and Firoz after being impressed by Sunny’s artistic ability (Dhanrakshak is unable to see his notes) and offers Sunny a position in his criminal organisation.

5 “Second Oldest Profession”DK And Rajsuman Kumar, Raj & DK, And Sita Menonfebruary 10, 2023

At Mansoor’s lab in Jordan, Sunny makes a counterfeit 2000 rupee note after agreeing to start working for him. Mansoor pays for Madhav’s operation and sets up a neurosurgeon. Michael and the group apprehend Mansoor’s goon Bilal in Bangladesh. Bilal is intimidated by Michael, who also uses him as an informant. Mansoor asks Sunny, back in Mumbai, to infiltrate CCFART. He arranges for Megha to meet with him and gains access to her phone.

6 “Cat And Mouse”DK And Rajsuman Kumar, Raj & DK, And Sita Menonfebruary 10, 2023

Sunny uses Megha’s phone to spy on CCFART’s plans. Michael obtains information from Mansoor’s organization’s mole, Bilal. After a game of cat and mouse between the two organisations, Mansoor proposes a “Trojan Horse” scheme to bring ₹12,000 crores worth of fake currency into India. Sunny deceives Michael with the assistance of a Russian boat crew and successfully smuggles the money.

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